A clean out and junk removal company servicing the State of New Jersey. 

About Us

 If You Call We Will Haul, LLC,  provides top-notch clean-out junk removal services to our clients in New Jersey. We donate as much as possible to a number of non-profit organizations,  giving homeowners the peace of mind to know their items will be used by others in need.  This also allow us to put far less into the landfill and helps to save the planet.



If you are downsizing, moving, settling an estate or simply want to declutter, our professional staff can help in the most efficient way possible.  Unlike most cleanout companies, we make every effort to put as little as possible into dumpsters and landfills and rehome your belongings.

Junk Removal

Items such as construction, water damage and yard debris, non-working appliances, tools, etc. will be recycled if possible and otherwise disposed of safely.

  Our team will sweep your home, and tidy up your yard, and driveway removing any debris or clutter making it easy for your next steps!


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